New for 2020: Virtual Arb Show

Virtual Arb Show


With the unfortunate cancellation of the 2020 Arb Show the Arboricultural Association has decided to put on the first ever Virtual Arb Show!

The Virtual Arb Show is now live until the end of May 2020 with show offers, equipment demos and reviews and online learning material. You can head over to our “Stand” to find information about our services and even some show offers!

Another great feature at the show is the Arborists’ Workshops, where there is great content to improve your tree knowledge, promote discussion and boost your CPD Hours!

One of our favourite videos is the Applied Tree Biology Lecture 4 – Tree Roots. It has really informative content on how tree roots grow, what they need and, most importantly how compacted soils affect their growth and the overall health of the trees.

Visit HERE to view the arborists’ workshop area of the show

If your trees are suffering from compacted soils the Contact Us to discuss how we can help alleviate this. We have years of experience with de-compaction and soil amelioration

Virtual Arb Show


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