Root Pruning – How we do it

his subject has come up a few times on Forums etc. recently and I wanted to discuss our typical process for root pruning.

Usually we prune roots because of conflict arising between the tree or trees and a proposed development or structure. Typically we would have investigated the site first and excavated trenches using our Airspade, exposing all of the conflicting roots. Exposing the roots in this way mitigates the risk of accidental damage to retained roots or roots bring ripped or pulled out of the ground using a excavator.

Remember the reason for pruning roots, just like tree branches, is to retain the tree and the structure Therefore we want to work in a way that will cause the least damage to the tree long term. Following this and with permission from the local authority, where required. Conflicting roots are pruned with a small sharp hand saw that has been cleaned and disinfected before use (Pruning roots with contaminated tools is a great way to spread pathogens between trees).

The roots are severed using a straight, clean cut and excess material removed. Remaining roots are wrapped or covered with damp hessian to prevent desiccation prior to the trenches being back filled or having membrane installed to prevent further encroachment.

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