Our aim is to provide short term accommodation and support services to young people to enable them to live independently in the community.

Crest Manor endeavours to supply a range of  comprehensive support packages to meet the needs of Local Authority and their service users in need of assistance.

Crest Manor aims to “Make A Difference” prioritising young people who are paramount in enabling this to happen.

Crest Manor aims to work closely with local authorities to provide an effective, efficient, and high-quality service, whilst aiming to ensure the best possible outcomes for young people and vulnerable adults.

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We aim to ensure young people accommodated by Crest Manor:

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Our objective is to realise our commitment to achieving positive outcomes for young people and vulnerable adults. To provide safe, healthy, high quality accommodation, which promotes young people’s physical and emotional needs.

Shelter (2021) assert that ‘It can be difficult for young people to find somewhere to live. Private landlords can be reluctant to let to younger people, especially if they are claiming welfare benefits. Young people might have low incomes and a lack of resources, which can make it difficult to access and pay for private rented accommodation’.

Crest Manor take steps to include the voice of the service users in decision making about their
lives and to incorporate those views in service planning and development.

Our objectives are to provide:

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