Tree Radar Unit (TRU) System

Since Arboraeration started undertaking Tree Radar Surveys in 2020 we have come across a number of similar questions from our clients regarding the unit, its capabilities and how we can use it to assist in planning applications and urban tree management.

2D root map from Tree Radar Survey
2D root map from Tree Radar Survey

How does the Tree Radar Unit (TRU) System work?

The unit works by sending and receiving signals from the antenna unit directly into the ground, the shape and size of the signals that are received back allow the user and the software to interpret what is found beneath the soil.


What can you do with the unit?

We are able to scan through a number of surfaces including grass, tarmac, concrete and even through floors of garages and houses! The unit can then detect the location, depth and even size of the roots that are found.

While we have an on screen readout from the unit while we are scanning the main data analysis and interpretation once we are back to the office. We use a combination of our experience and the sophisticated computer software that accompanies the unit to analyse the data.

Tree Radar Unit Survey
Slices taken through the soil showing root locations and root density

What does the TRU show us?

Once the data has been analysed we can use it to produce a number of different outputs to show the location, depths and sizes of roots. These range from 2D and 3D visuals of the whole root network, to heat maps showing root density areas and visual slices through the soil.


What can the Tree Radar survey data be used for?

Heat Map showing root density
Heat Map showing root density

Once completed the data and report can be used to back up planning applications and to prove the location, depths and sizes of the tree roots. This information can also be used to exactly prove the location of roots for piling placement, depth changes for lightwells, crossovers etc.

For any further information on the Tree Radar Surveys we can offer or any of our other services please use the contact us page

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