Fully Inclusive Tree Healthcare Package

Tree Healthcare Packages
Tree Healthcare Packages

Arboraeration are pleased to now offer a fully inclusive Tree Healthcare package for trees in construction zones, the urban environment and veteran trees. Often trees growing in these less than optimal conditions are more prone to stress with up to 60% of all tree health issues being related to the root network or soil system. With our Tree Healthcare Packages we aim to improve these conditions through the use of soil de-compaction and amelioration using proven techniques to help improve the rooting environment, and therefore tree health.

Stage 1 – Soil De-compaction

The first stage in our process is the de-compaction of the area surrounding the tree. Either, when heavy compaction is present, a deep de-compaction using a probe and de-compaction tool to deliver high powered compressed air deep into the soil. Or, if shallower or short term compaction is present then we will loosen and turn over the top 10-30cm of the soil using the air spade tool.

Deep de-compaction of the soil fractures the compacted soils creating cracks, cavities and pathways throughout the ground. these enable the movement of water, nutrients as well as invertebrates that are all crucial to tree root.

Stage 2 – Compost Tea

Following the decompaction process we will perform an Injection or drench of 100% natural, organic based compost tea across the whole de-compacted area to give the tree an immediate boost. We favour compost tea over chemical fertiliser as it is 100% natural, we can control what elements are applied and it has an exceptionally low carbon footprint compared to synthetic fertilizers that are made using fossil fuels. Our compost tea is brewed in house using raw materials from the UK and can be tailored to suite specific circumstances with the inclusion of mycorrhizae fungi and beneficial bacteria.

Stage 3 – Mulch, Biochar and Soil Additives

The application of a layer of mulch has multiple benefits for the rooting area including increased water retention, reducing further compaction by discouraging access into the area, providing additional nutrients from the decaying organic material, reducing competition for water and nutrients from grasses and other plants and finally increasing the amount of invertebrate and biotic activity.

The mulch that is applied to the trees is augmented with a number of other substances depending on the site requirements. The first addition is Biochar, a form of raw carbon that is produced by burning material in a very low oxygen environment, the organic material is burned away leaving only pure carbon. Biochar improves soil structure and water retention capabilities, for further information please follow this link Biochar Blog Post.

In addition to the Biochar we are able to further augment the much with a variety of products such as beneficial fungi that are able to predate on parasitic fungi such as Honey Fungus (A.Mellea) that is commonly found on UK native trees.

Carbon Gold Tree Soil Improver Biochar
Biochar by Carbon Gold

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