Urban Tree Management

Urban Tree Management
Urban Tree Management

Urban tree management is the skill of managing and improving and tree stock within the urban, built environment. In their natural environment trees will take up all of the available space that they can grow into, both above below ground! Within the urban and build environment trees are expected to grow and live within our own artificial constraints.

At Arboraeration we pride ourselves on minimising tree conflict with new design and construction projects and evaluating and managing tree root conflict with existing buildings.

Why keep trees within the urban environment?

With all of the perceived cost and trouble involved in managing urban trees why should we even keep the tree, what benefits can they give us and what value do they add to our properties?

Property value – It has been fairly common knowledge within the property sector that mature, healthy trees add value to your property, not only are they beautiful to look at they also provide shade and insulation for your property, reducing heating and cooling bills.

Environmental benefits – Trees clean air, most people understand the common principal that trees take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen through their photosynthesis process, however they do much more than this. Over a 20 year period a maple can do the following*:

– Remove 1,500kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

– Reduce the emissions of 2,500kg of carbon dioxide and 15kg of air pollution from power stations

– Save 570kWh of energy and 20MMBtu for fuel in heating and cooling

– Intercept 102,000 litres of rainfall and will avoid 4,800 litres of runoff

– Filter 7kgs of ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide from the air that we breathe.


With all of the benefits in mind, how does Arboraeration work to preserve and manage tree stock?

Our main task when managing trees within the construction and development phase of construction is using our Airspade tool or Tree radar to accurately plot the location, size and depth of tree roots in order to minimise damage caused to tree roots during the construction phase.

Root pruning and barrier installation is used to reduce conflict where established trees are causing issues with underground services, property foundations etc.

Decompaction, mulching and biochar strategies can be used on established trees that are suffering stress from compaction, nutrient deficiency or fungal stresses.

For further information of any of the above services then you can visit our website or contact us directly.


*Figures taken from studies undertaken by Itree. (www.itreetools.org)

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