It is the objective of Crest manor to provide a high-quality service to Local Authorities and to the young persons placed with Crest Manor. Good quality practice is integral to every aspect of the organisation leadership and management practice within Crest Manor.

In preparing the young persons for a more independent life we also offer an accommodation service that is tailored to young people leaving care.

Leaving care accommodation

Our leaving care accommodation service is one where we provide shared accommodation (or self-contained if required) for young people who have turned 18 years.

The accommodation is typically for young people, until they turn 25 years.

This service further prepares young people for total independent life in a safe and secure environment.

This service also comes with some added support to help young people adjust fully to taking care of themselves and their daily lives without needing to depend on their Personal Advisors.


Benefits of Crest Manor leaving care accommodation

Young people will still receive some form of support to ensure they are coping with living alone as local authority input will be minimal.

Young people can reside at Crest Manor accommodation until age 25, at which point they can decide to stay on and pay top up to cover the rent (when they reach 25 the rate falls to shared accommodation rate) or they can decide to move on.

Note – they may be eligible for DHP to cover this top up.

London housing accommodation

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